Hotel Krause

Your 4 star Hotel Krause in Tirolo


Take a large portion of kindness, throw in a splash of sympathy & cheerfulness, add a great sense of hospitality and season everything generously with a pinch of good humour. If you mix all the ingredients together, decorate them with yellow parasols and put it at a sunny front-row seat position above Merano, you will get: an irresistible cocktail of our Krause Hotel in Tirolo, facing the Merano valley.

Just like any good recipes, also ours has some secret ingredients...
ready to discover them?

By the way, our guests say: “Once at Krause, always at Krause!”
We are curious to find out if it will be the same for you.

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As clear as the sun:

4 great reasons for a holiday at the Krause Hotel in Tirolo

Sunny position
Enjoy the breath-taking views from our hotel!

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Sunny spirit
Open your heart to the warmth of our radiance!

get to know the hosts with heart

Sun in a plate
Breakfast & half board for food connoisseurs...

more about our hotel with half board

Sun bathing
Relaxation with a view: swimming pool, roof terrace and much more...

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Host family 


„As seasoned travellers all over Europe, we can easily say that we have not often found ourselves as at ease as in this hotel. A warm welcome and the utmost care, both from the owners and the experienced staff. EVERYTHING was simply perfect!!!“

Hans-Joachim & Ruth R.

Rooms & Suites

A home for nice dreams ...


21 - 23 m² approx. · from 129.00 €

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26 - 30 m² approx. · from 143.00 €

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Lavendel RomantikLavendel Romantik 

30 m² approx. · from 143.00 €

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45 m² approx. · from 146.00 €

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50 m² approx. · from 150.00 €

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26 - 28 m² approx. · from 113.00 €

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24 - 32 m² approx. · from 113.00 €

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26 - 28 m² approx. · from 126.00 €

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18 m² · from 107.00 €

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