Following the traces of nature and culture - during your well-deserved holiday in Tirolo

Our treasures

Spending your holidays in Tirolo means: enjoying exceptional climate and tranquillity at the feet of the Gruppo di Tessa mountains, in addition to sun all day long. Here, up above the city of Merano, you will find wonderful cypresses, palms, oleanders, vineyards, fruit trees, conifers and alpine flowers. And when we say "here", we mean the town called Tirolo, the heart of South Tyrol.

This heaven for trekking enthusiasts, nature and culture lovers, is on a sun-kissed terrace that holds important treasures.

Cultural heritage:

Tirolo has a great past. An important testimony of this is still today the famous Castel Tirolo. In remote times, this was the residence of the Earls of Tirolo, who gave their name to the surrounding area. Today the museum contains a part of the heritage of South Tyrol, and certainly deserves a visit during your holiday in Tirolo.

Natural treasures:

Varied, full of contrast, mediterranean but also alpine: we are talking about the area around Tirolo. Fruit orchards and vineyards, but also wonderful botanic gardens with some exotic presence: excursionists love the variety of this region. A 70 km network of paths that includes easy but extremely pleasant strolls, woodland walks, middle level mountain tours, but also demanding mountain treks. Tirolo is the ideal starting point for discovering Merano and its surroundings on foot, but also to unveil a much wider region, thanks to the public transport connections.

As clear as the sun:

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