Guests of hour hotel in Tirolo, South Tyrol, Italy

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Come to the Krause Hotel, the place where the sun shines, both indoor and outdoor.
A warm "welcome" from Katrin and Stephan Krause, your hosts, their daughters Hannah and Elisa, and obviously the senior owners, Gerhard and Erni Krause.

Upon your arrival at the hotel in Tirolo, a beautiful town in northern Italy, you will receive a warm welcome from our staff. You will meet Katrin and Stephan Krause, who will always be there to listen to your requests. Sometimes, you will also meet Mrs. Erni, while Stephan will see you again in the dining area.

And the kitchen? There are two of them managing the hobs: Gerhard Krause, senior owner, and Chef Markus Scherer, who together create mouth-watering delicacies, good for the eye and obviously the palate.

In your rooms you will find everything: our floor staff will do all that they can to spoil you, and make sure that you are fully at ease.

As clear as the sun:

4 great reasons for a holiday with the Krause family and their team

Touring with Stephan
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Breakfast & Dinner

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Host family 


„The first nice thing was the extremely kind and personal welcome from the Krause family. In spite of this being our first experience at the Krause hotel, we immediately felt treated like regular guests. A positive note: a member of the family was always present and available.“

Karl & Marlies